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Ohio v. Buffalo, Part II: My Nose is Still Running

Remember yesterday when I gushed about the joys of covering baseball at Bob Wren Stadium at Ohio University? All of that goes away when it’s 45 degrees outside and you have to pee the whole time but are too embarrassed to ask where the bathroom is.

After Ohio handled Buffalo Saturday, I realized that I have a conditional love for covering baseball.

I do realize also that this is just part of the reason I love what I do, the unpredictability. It’s difficult to think that one day I could perhaps be paid to watch sports. Like Dick Vitale says, “It’s like stealing money.”

To robbery,



Ohio v. Buffalo: Reaction

Yesterday, I covered Ohio baseball’s win over Buffalo.

I enjoy covering baseball at Bob Wren Stadium. It’s a fun and lighthearted atmosphere for warm summer nights like something you would see out of a Chevrolet commercial.

The open-air press box is great for enjoying the baseball atmosphere while still being able to do the job right. However, as I am learning this morning, open-air press boxes may not be my best friend in the near future as we dive headfirst into allergy season.

I hope they’re keeping my seat warm at the Convo.

Warm regards,



Because who doesn’t love wearing a suit, right?

This suit is my one and only. My mother and I bought it off the rack and it needs tailored, but it’s the suit that counts.

I wore this because I was conducting an interview for a story this morning. I was on the reporting trail, but I’m inspired to wear my suit more often.

People respect a suit. Even if yours doesn’t fit properly like mine, wearing a suit shows you mean business.

Show that you mean business. Wear a suit. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I also wrote this weekend. I fell back a couple more days, but I did write on Sunday. I covered the Ohio v. Northern Illinois baseball game and you can see that story here.

More posts are a’coming. I do plan to catch up to my 365-day blogging challenge. Stay patient.

Peace be with you,


Abandoning my writer’s chair for the student section

Today, I am an Ohio Bobcats fan. Opportunities like this come along every once in a blue moon for people working in the sports journalism, to be a fan.

The one chance I get to be a fan and support my school, I’ll be watching them take a shot at the Sweet Sixteen to most likely face off with the North Carolina Tar Heels. This is nuts.

It’s fun to watch Cinderella teams make runs through the tournament much like George Mason a few years ago, Butler the past two years and Virginia Commonwealth last year.

To be a part of that experience is unreal. Ohio has only won one game thus far, but the potential to make a tournament run is enthralling.

It may not be a wise financial investment, detrimental to my sleep schedule or a decision made in false hopes, but the small chance there is to say, “I was there,” outweighs everything.

So I will stand up and cheer for old Ohio today as I abandon my writer’s chair for the student section.

Peace be with you and go ‘Cats,


Back to the Diamond

Here is one post from yesterday, as a part of my catch-up effort. It’s a recap of the Ohio baseball game against West Virginia State.

To be honest, I’m a little excited for baseball. My Cardinals are defending World Series champions, we have been teased and teased by this warm weather and spring fever is starting to catch on.

Although I will be the first and maybe the only one to tell you that I miss winter, it’s time to move on and into spring. I like winter and snow more than the average person, but it is almost officially springtime, so bring on the warmth.

Yesterday was the first sign of spring: opening day at Bob Wren Stadium. It was euphoric. The mood was calm, there was not a cloud in the sky, it was warm. Yesterday was a perfect day for baseball. However, we were quickly reminded that it was not spring as soon as the sun went down and the temperature plunged into the 40s.

Ohio won in dominating fashion and it was a gorgeous day, at least for the first four innings. While I enjoyed the tastes of spring and I’m excited for the return of baseball season, don’t think I’ll be diving head-first into spring. There is still plenty of madness left in March and the final stretch of the NBA season is looking to be as compelling as ever.

The warm temperatures can stick around, but don’t make me give up my hoops.

Peace be with you,


That Ohio Weather

Meteorologists must be losing their minds right now. At the very least, those in the midwest must be a bit confused.

Yesterday, as many celebrated Leap Day – how one goes about doing so, I do not know – people were treated to warm temperatures. Thermometers swelled to nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Athens while thunderstorms moved across the Southeast Ohio region.

The forecast calls for snow Sunday with temperatures on Sunday and Monday barely creeping out of the 30s.

Yes, weather has a tendency to fluctuate often in the midwest. This brand of fluctuation, however, is an entirely new beast. Walking between classes in a college town like Athens come with the soundtrack of happy students discussing how nice the warm temperatures are on days like Wednesday. Who can blame them? 70s in February comes around once in a blue moon.

But then when the temperature drops the next day and its back to wearing coats, parkas, gloves and scarves, out come the complaints. It’s almost a given that someone will see his or her Twitter timeline sprinkled with a few statements about “that Ohio weather.”

“Only in Ohio,” say countless self-proclaimed geniuses across the Twitterverse. Despite popular sentiment, it is not just Ohio that deals with dramatic changes in weather. Ohio isn’t a bone stuck in the heart slot in Mother Nature’s giant game of Operation causing her to unleash her wrath on Ohio.

There is no debate, warm weather is nice and cold weather is a pain. That won’t change any time soon, but the rants and raves should come to an end.

People won’t be so happy with 70-degree temperatures in March when it’s 110 every day this summer. Plants will grow back too soon, thinking it’s spring, only to end up being choked when a cold spell hits the region. Thus, food supplies will shrink as crops are killed by spurts of freezing temperatures and prices will rise…and people will complain.

Doing the math, people will be  complaining as a result of something they cheered for months earlier. Seems backward. Then again, so does “that Ohio weather.”

Here we are, one day into my challenge and I didn’t write yesterday. Woof. You know what that means: two posts today. It’s on. Be on the lookout later today.

Peace be with you,


Why you should watch the MAC Championship Game

Tyler Tettleton

Ohio brings a talented young QB to the table in Tyler Tettleton. Will you be watching?

Channel-flippers may land on ESPN2 sometime tonight, see the words “Ohio” and “Illinois” in the description, look down at the field of play and sit wondering why the Buckeyes and Illini have turned green and red, respectively.

“Are those special Christmas-themed uniforms?” the channel-flipper will ask to no one in particular.

After several confused minutes of head-scratching and an expedition into the depths of the channel-flipper’s sports knowledge, s/he hits the “INFO” button on the remote control. The description reads: Ohio Bobcats v. Northern Illinois Huskies (or something similar).

“Who the [noun] is this?” the channel-flipper will exclaim.

At the flipper’s exclamation, a blue-, green-, and white-clad superhero will burst through the wall to exclaim, “I am MAC Man!” He will then go on to describe how Ohio University – the first official state university in Ohio – was seeking its first MAC title in football since 1968, Northern Illinois its first since 1983.

Okay, so I lied about the Mid-American superhero, but the game still holds much weight for both schools. Ohio is looking to improve its bowl standing and with a win will head to Mobile, Alabama to play Arkansas State in the Bowl. The Bobcats’ bowl record doesn’t speak well for the team as they are 0-3 under current head coach Frank Solich, 0-5 all-time.

Before changing the channel and grumbling multiple grumblings about how poor the MAC is, the channel-flipper should know this: The MAC offers an extremely exciting brand of football. The conference boasts high-scoring affairs and competitive match-ups in which any team can come out on top.

In the absence of the NBA for the first part of what was supposed to be its season, ESPN found itself scrounging for games to show and, lo and behold, it was left with exciting MAC football games. Ohio’s win against Temple and the late-game drama involved attracted 1.4 million viewers in the United States. Just two weeks later, “MAC East Champs” trended worldwide on Twitter after Matt Weller’s game-winning field goal gave Ohio the MAC East title.

No, there won’t be any BCS bids on the line in tonight’s game, but the forecast calls for a competitive football game with a 100 percent chance of excitement. Who knows? Perhaps the channel-flipper will become loyal to the MAC Man MAC, man.

*The game can be seen on ESPN2 Friday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m.