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DWHINE Wade: Heat Unhappy with Loss


The struggles didn’t seem to end for Wade in Thursday’s loss. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

After Thursday night’s 94-75 blowout loss to the Pacers, it is safe to say that Dwayne Wade is not a happy man.

Wade finished the game 2-15 from the field, netting just five points. Wade did not make a shot the entire first half.

The climax of Wade’s frustration occurred in the third quarter when he got into a confrontation with Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra. Wade chewed Spoelstra up and down, even dropping his gum in Spoelstra’s ear while yelling into it.

Once again, like I wrote yesterday concerning the Lakers, the Heat need to cool down. They need to focus on what they do well.

This is another case of a team playing with a tremendous amount of talent, an amount that is far too much for the coach to handle. Much like Mike Brown, Spoelstra does not have the personality to handle all of the personalities on his team.

The Lakers, however, showed improvement last night – at least for 46 of the 48 minutes. As I said, they needed to come together and realize what with which they were working. The defense improved and the Lakers very nearly pulled out a difficult road victory.

Meanwhile, the Heat are now in the same situation. They need to realize they have the best talent and potential in the league. They must play as a team. Right now, the Thunder and the Spurs have the best teams because they play as teams. The players on those teams are comfortable with one another and work as a cohesive unit.

The Heat need to put it all together as do the Lakers. Granted, playing without Chris Bosh does not help Miami’s cause. Roy Hibbert put the hurt to Miami’s frontcourt Thursday with 19 points and 18 rebounds. Hibbert also added five blocks on defense.

Give credit to the Pacers for taking advantage of the poor teamwork displayed by the Heat. Miami needs to be careful because there is no doubting the momentum being in Indiana’s favor. This team came to play. Fans only hope that the Heat show up as well.

Shots will come for Wade and the Heat, but forcing the issue will not work. They must be patient and utilize the skills they possess. They are undersized, unmotivated and unhappy right now. Teamwork can turn that around with a quickness.


Are we really still booing LeBron?

Are we really still booing LeBron James? Really?

I guess I don’t get it. Just a few minutes into Thursday’s Heat v. Bulls game, Chicago fans booed LeBron each time he touched the ball.

I can’t believe fans aren’t over that yet. Why boo him? What did he do that hundreds maybe thousands of other NBA basketball players have done in the past?

He left Cleveland for Miami. Get over it.

What is being accomplished by hating LeBron? Does it make people feel that much better?

What people are doing by being anti-LeBron is missing out on one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. You don’t have to be his number one fan, but at least appreciate what the man does. He’s provided us with the spectacle of great basketball and he has an amazing story.

All but maybe 25 percent of NBA fans are taking that gift and crushing it into the dust. Why?

What’s wrong with LeBron having confidence? Swagger? The will to win? What’s wrong?

The bottom line is LeBron James is a great basketball player and a joy to watch. Why spoil it by booing him? Let’s watch and let’s enjoy.

Not so fast, OU.

Recently, the Miami Student ran an op-ed piece on how Miami University students should embrace the stereotype of Miami (Oxford) being an elitist campus.

From reading the article, it’s easy to see that the foundations of that article are questionable at best. Yes, many students dub Miami “J. Crew U” and also enjoy poking fun at the plethora of jackets from the North Face, Sperry Top-Siders, and pairs of Uggs spotted on campus. But since when have other students claimed Miami students are better than them? More articulate? More mature? I’ve yet to hear those stereotypes.

Being from Southwest Ohio, I have plenty of friends who attend Miami and I understand that it is a fine institution. However, to brush aside Ohio University along with Kent State and Eastern Kentucky “for obvious reasons” is wacky. I’d like to know what exactly those “obvious reasons” are.

From my experience, Ohio University is a pretty good school. However, the Post at OU stooped to Miami’s level by publishing a rebuttal to the op-ed piece.

In the letter to the Post, the writer titles his letter: OU Students Don’t Have to Flaunt School Pride. He then goes onto flaunt school pride.

It’s not a big deal, school pride is meant to be flaunted. People wouldn’t wear school-colored T-shirts with school names plastered across the chest were it not for school pride. If you have school pride, why wouldn’t you want to show it? I know I enjoy talking about how great my school is and it makes me proud to be a Bobcat.

I think the giant contradiction that is this letter and the reaction to the Student article I’ve seen from many of my classmates reflects poorly on OU students.

In the letter, the writer calls OU students “fun-loving, happy-go-lucky party-goers” and then mentions the national attention that surrounds the Athens Halloween celebration.

When I think of “happy-go-lucky” people, I think of people who enjoy living life to its fullest, trying new things, and making new memories. They enjoy everything life has to offer (extra emphasis on “everything”). However, when I think of the typical OU student, I don’t see a happy-go-lucky person. Each weekend, the only question is: Which bar am I going to tonight? People claim they had a good night when they don’t remember it.

The party school reputation, in my opinion, has plagued OU. When I hear the girl at the other end of the table at the dining hall talk about how she chose to come to school here because it’s a great party school; when I see the packs of scantily-clad women and fashionably-inept men (an entirely different issue) chugging their way up the hill to Court Street every weekend; when I see the pictures from an unkempt house’s grimy basement (Cleveland Browns jersey often hanging on the wall, symbolic of the trashiness of the house); those are the times I sit and ponder humankind.

Getting back to the issue of school pride, it seems OU students have pride for all the wrong reasons. Many are quick to don the #1-Party-School T-shirts and purchase their jersey for fest season, but how many students can name the last time they stayed past halftime for a football game? Who walks around with a #1-Journalism-School T-shirt? (I know I would.)

I miss when I could ask someone how their weekend was without once hearing the phrase “going out” in any form. It seems our generation lives and dies by the phrase: The nights you don’t remember are the ones you won’t forget. Pardon me for wanting more than that.

So as I see OU students pointing the finger of shame at Miami for the Student op-ed piece, I wonder how many fingers should be pointed right back at us. I’m reminded of this false sense of school pride more this weekend, Halloween weekend.

You remember Halloween: the holiday in which young children would go out trick-or-treating with their parents on a chilly fall night to get the once-yearly delight of a sack full of candy. However, OU students have twisted this weekend into yet another reason to get wasted.

Didn’t parties used to be celebrations of some special event? A birthday? An anniversary? A championship? Now, a “party” is just another day.

So OU students can point the finger at Miami, if we so choose. But it is important to remember that we are not so perfect ourselves, so perhaps before raising that finger we should take a look in the mirror.