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Ohio v. Buffalo, Part II: My Nose is Still Running

Remember yesterday when I gushed about the joys of covering baseball at Bob Wren Stadium at Ohio University? All of that goes away when it’s 45 degrees outside and you have to pee the whole time but are too embarrassed to ask where the bathroom is.

After Ohio handled Buffalo Saturday, I realized that I have a conditional love for covering baseball.

I do realize also that this is just part of the reason I love what I do, the unpredictability. It’s difficult to think that one day I could perhaps be paid to watch sports. Like Dick Vitale says, “It’s like stealing money.”

To robbery,



Athens Half Empty (or Half Full?)

I thought this picture was interesting. A place typically busy and bustling makes for fun photos when deserted like this. For those who don’t go to Ohio University, this was taken from atop the Baker University Center (with my ancient cellphone), a place with typically high traffic. However, with so many students gone for Easter weekend, the town of Athens was left fairly empty. It’s not often you get a chance to see such busy places like this completely empty, so I thought it appropriate to capture the moment.

Peace be with you,


That Ohio Weather

Meteorologists must be losing their minds right now. At the very least, those in the midwest must be a bit confused.

Yesterday, as many celebrated Leap Day – how one goes about doing so, I do not know – people were treated to warm temperatures. Thermometers swelled to nearly 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Athens while thunderstorms moved across the Southeast Ohio region.

The forecast calls for snow Sunday with temperatures on Sunday and Monday barely creeping out of the 30s.

Yes, weather has a tendency to fluctuate often in the midwest. This brand of fluctuation, however, is an entirely new beast. Walking between classes in a college town like Athens come with the soundtrack of happy students discussing how nice the warm temperatures are on days like Wednesday. Who can blame them? 70s in February comes around once in a blue moon.

But then when the temperature drops the next day and its back to wearing coats, parkas, gloves and scarves, out come the complaints. It’s almost a given that someone will see his or her Twitter timeline sprinkled with a few statements about “that Ohio weather.”

“Only in Ohio,” say countless self-proclaimed geniuses across the Twitterverse. Despite popular sentiment, it is not just Ohio that deals with dramatic changes in weather. Ohio isn’t a bone stuck in the heart slot in Mother Nature’s giant game of Operation causing her to unleash her wrath on Ohio.

There is no debate, warm weather is nice and cold weather is a pain. That won’t change any time soon, but the rants and raves should come to an end.

People won’t be so happy with 70-degree temperatures in March when it’s 110 every day this summer. Plants will grow back too soon, thinking it’s spring, only to end up being choked when a cold spell hits the region. Thus, food supplies will shrink as crops are killed by spurts of freezing temperatures and prices will rise…and people will complain.

Doing the math, people will be  complaining as a result of something they cheered for months earlier. Seems backward. Then again, so does “that Ohio weather.”

Here we are, one day into my challenge and I didn’t write yesterday. Woof. You know what that means: two posts today. It’s on. Be on the lookout later today.

Peace be with you,