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Election 2012: Voting Strategy

In an election report by Peter Alexander on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Alexander noted that Mitt Romney attacked President Obama 12 times by name in a matter of 18 minutes during a campaign speech.

Here lies one of the problems with the upcoming election and many of the past few elections. Attacking the opponent tells the voters nothing about the candidate. All voters hear is what the other person did or did not do rather than what the candidate did, is doing and will do.

James Madison warned against an uneducated public from his early days in Washington. With candidates taking shots back and forth, focusing on the failures of their opponents, what is left with the voters? Rather than knowing and understanding the successes and achievements of the candidates, voters are left scratching their heads at the candidates’ failures.

Voters are left to decide on which candidate they dislike the least rather than who they can relate to the most. Candidates are playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Another issue is the perpetuation of the two-party system. Again, relating back to history, George Washington warned that the two-party system would be the ruin of American government.

Tying into the uneducated public, people are voting simply for an “R” or a “D” instead of the candidate to whom they best relate. There isn’t an election report to be found that does not begin with the word “republican” or “democrat” in the first five words outside the reporter’s introduction. As long as political parties are shoved down peoples’ throats, the United States will not have a true democracy. People don’t vote for what or who they agree with, but for the party with which they identify.

Americans will see current problems continue if they do not know who or what they are voting for. It takes an educated public with a filter for political parties and their agendas to yield positive election results. Americans being active in their government and understanding how it works will dig the United States out of this hole. An educated and unbiased public will prevail.

I haven’t jumped on the political train since high school. I wrote about politics for my school paper, but entered a state of political apathy for the past few years.

Now, in an election year, I have decided to take initiative and become more involved in government. I want to know what’s going on. I haven’t voted once since I earned the right and that’s a shame.

Therefore, I’m developing this new political strategy, as you just read, that ties back to some of my favorite tenants of American government that I learned in my AP US History class senior year. I’m going to get involved.

People want to say that they don’t have a voice in American government. Turns out we do, but we’re just not using it right. Let’s change that together.

Peace be with you,