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Driven From Within

Driven From Within

Driven From Within by Michael Jordan ((c) 2005)

“______ is the Michael Jordan of ______.” It’s a common phrase often used to express that some person is the best there is at some certain activity.

Let’s not lie, everybody knows who Michael Jordan is or at least know his name. If you don’t, I don’t want to know what went on in your childhood. But in all seriousness, the vast majority of people know who MJ is and that he was pretty good at something.

Turns out Michael Jordan was good at a lot of things.

There are countless things to read about MJ and all will sing the same song of Jordan. We know he was the best basketball player on the planet and has his name engraved on the “Best Player In History” plaque before history has finished its course.

However, if you wanted to learn about more than just Michael Jordan the basketball player and dive deeper into Michael Jordan the businessman, the designer, the fashionista, the worker, the son, the person then Driven From Within is your cup of tea.

This book tells the story of MJ as only MJ and those closest to him can. Driven From Within takes us through the creation of Brand Jordan and all of the struggles along the way.

Driven From Within features testimonies from Michael’s inner circle at Nike including Tinker Hatfield, the designer of MJ’s signature line of shoes and god of the sneakerheads. Through those contributions and that of his mother, we learn about Michael Jordan in real life.

In one portion, Jordan discusses the recruitment process in which shoe companies wanted exclusive rights to MJ. “I did not want to go to the Nike meeting,” said Jordan in the book. “I didn’t know Nike. I didn’t think I liked Nike.” Choosing to go to that meeting could have been one of the best decisions he’s ever made, for it was the people at Nike that made Brand Jordan what it is today.

Like I said, most know Michael Jordan the basketball player, but few know about him off the court. In this book we find out exactly what drives him and we learn he is truly driven from within.



Uncommon, by Tony Dungy (with Nathan Whitaker) ((c) 2009)

Many people have something that brings happiness: a favorite song, strenuous exercise, playing with puppies, etc. No matter what it is or the situation or mood you’re in it fills you with happiness, inspiration and/or excitement.

Tony Dungy’s book Uncommon (with co-author Nathan Whitaker) was that thing for me over the past few months. Spring quarter at school left me little to no time to read, but this quickly climbed to the top of my reading list despite all of my work.

Dungy presents his unique outlook on life and what it takes to be a man through personal anecdotes, inspiring stories and Bible verses. The book is well-written and well-organized in a way that leaves the reader feeling empowered after each chapter.

The book is like a great motivational speech that leaves the audience wanting to get out there and be all they can be, to act upon the lessons taught, to be truly uncommon.

The most intriguing thing about this book is his appeal. Although the book is focused toward men, it has a rather wide appeal: a good read for almost anybody. Men, women and children of all shapes and sizes can learn from this book.

This could be your little happiness pill to take right when you wake up or right before you go to bed. It will leave you feeling uncommon: guaranteed.

Rating: 4/5