Becoming a Part of the Madness

I am still a believer in live sporting events. People sometimes say, “Why go to the game when you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home?” I remembered last night why I dislike that saying. There is truly nothing like being there.

March Madness is arguably the most exciting two four weeks in sports. Even those who did not watch a single minute of college basketball all season long tune in to see the chaos. It’s exciting to see so many great stories unfold within mere minutes of each other. March Madness is great.

I have forever enjoyed the NCAA Tournament on television, but I have never experienced such joy in watching basketball than Sunday night when I saw my school bust into the Sweet Sixteen against all odds. There is truly nothing like being there.

It ties back to the piece I wrote this week about the Cinderella stories. When you’re there you become invested in the stories and the games. Bracket challenges fade into the abstract. The games become more enjoyable.

Go experience March Madness in person. It may not be this year or next year or the year after that, but take one year and go. Grab a friend or friends and go. Find your favorite team, stand up and cheer (for old Ohio if it tickles your fancy). At the game you don’t just witness history, you become a part of it.

Spontaneous trips are the best. I’ll be in St. Louis Friday to watch Ohio take a shot at North Carolina. Gotta see it live.

Peace be with you,


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